Blow the Garbage

Open Source Love License: GPL v3
This is the official Droidrush repository of NPDevs team (Avishkar-2019–Annual Techfest of MNNIT Allahabad)

This app won fourth prize and best among second year in Droidrush 2019

YouTube Link to Demo Video:

YouTube video here


Project Presentation: View here

App’s APK: Download here

Welcome to Swachh Bharat

The Process Flow

For User:

  1. Login/Sign Up
  2. Select garbage proximity
  3. Accordingly select/search location (on Map), capture/upload image or upvote existing garbage point
  4. ML prediction happens
  5. In case of false prediction send Image for verification to the Admin
  6. Feedback/complaint/review submission.

For Admin:

  1. Authority to add/delete cleaner
  2. Verify garbage cleaning requests (notified by the app vie notification channel)
  3. Read reviews/feedbacks/complaints
  4. View cleaners’ performance data
  5. View graphs/stats related to monthly/yearly cleaning requests.

For Cleaner:

  1. App notifies about newly added gapbage collection point in their alloted area and they can view them
  2. App gives them shortest path to traverse so that all garbage is collected in one ride.
  3. View one’s own stats/graphs.

APIs and Components used

Blow the Garbage

Team: NPDevs


  1. Ashutosh Chitranshi
  2. Nishchal Siddharth Pandey

To try hands on the project

Either, just download the APK and try it out.

  1. Clone the project using link:
  2. Import the project in Android Studio
  3. Generate your own Google Maps API key and Mapbox API key and add it to project in strings.xml (these locations are properly commented in the project)
  4. Deploy the app to your Android device and viola… you are good to go!