Official repository of team NP Devs for Hack36 2020

An Ethereum Blockchain based health industry solution focused on preventing the sale of unauthorized or counterfeit drugs while managing the health records and insurance details of all patients decentrally. The app can also help provide authorities possible blood donors in case of natural calamities. The app is in two parts, desktop based server side and Android app based used side application.

Central Idea

  1. The idea is to manage sensitive health records using block chain technology. User’s identity is maintained using Aadhaar Number, and provide additional services except just maintaining records.
  2. Users (patient) will save their medical history, location and personal details during signup to use the services. Any time when they need medical help they will contact doctor using android application.
  3. Radiologist’s report, Doctor’s diagnosis report and prescription is saved in block chain.
  4. This prescription can be accessed by the Pharmacist using public key of user thus, preventing unauthorized sale of drugs.
  5. Medical insurance company can access user’s data using public key against claim of any insurance money.
  6. In case of natural calamity, all the data of users can be accessed on basis location to provide immediate help to all.
  7. Medical researchers can access data by using filter of any disease and drugs. In this case personal information like name, age, address, location will not be shared, privacy of user’s data is guaranteed.
  8. Blood bank can contact to willing users for donation in case of emergency.

What was used to make it:

  1. Java for both apps, Java Swing for desktop client and Android using Java for Android app.
  2. web3j for all ethereum related purposes.
  3. Solidity for writing contracts.
  4. IPFS and MerkleNode for saving documents decentrally.
  5. Android Studio, IntelliJ Idea, Remix as IDEs.

Use case diagram

Use Case Diagram

Team Members

  1. Ashutosh Chitranshi
  2. Nishchal Siddharth Pandey
  3. Ankit Raj
  4. Neeraj Kumar