Health Castle

Open Source Love License: GPL v3

Official repository of team NP Devs for Prototype 2.0 (a 36 hour hackathon) held at IIIT- Allahabad.


To view contribution stats visit: It is that repo where the project was originally made

Welcome to Swastha Bharat

The Process Flow

  1. Login/Sign Up,
  2. View Optimal Calorie Limit for you,
  3. Add the food that you ate to record calories consumed,
  4. Add exercises done today,
  5. App counts number of steps taken throughout the day automatically,
  6. View total calories burnt today,
  7. Check Heartbeat rate using Camera,
  8. Record sugar level,
  9. Record blood pressure level,
  10. View graphs for past data related to these,
  11. Add person in your family,
  12. View past data graphs of your family members,
  13. Get notifications if your family member is unhealthy or is depressed; and,
  14. Contact doctors/ visit online pharmacy regarding your or your friend/family member health.

Special Features

  1. When person launchs the app, a photo of his/her face is captured and a Machine Learned Tensorflow model is used to detect the persons mood. This mood is further used to find the person is depressed.
  2. If person feels depressed according to ML analysis, push notifications are sent to his friends and family members regarding this and a graph of mood fluctuations is shown.
  3. App supports full voice control.
  4. Food and exercise databases are extensible at personal level.

APIs and Components used

Health Castle

Team: NPDevs


  1. Nishchal Siddharth Pandey
  2. Ashutosh Chitranshi
  3. Ankit Raj

To try hands on the project

Either just try installing the debug APK from this link; OR:

  1. Clone the project using link:
  2. Open the project in Android Studio
  3. Add Firebase Configuration
  4. Deploy the app to your Android device and viola… you are good to go!


Main Activity Main Activity Select Food eaten Select Food Add amount of food eaten Food Measure
Select exercise done Exercise Select Enter time spent in exercise Exercise Measure Measure Heartrate Measure heartrate
Add new food item to database New Food Add new exercise to database New Exercise Record Blood Presure Record BP
Add new person to family New Person Family member details and services Member details Family member problem notification Notification
Historical graph of steps Steps graph Historical graph of heartrate Heartrate graph Historical graph of calorie intakes Calories graph
Record Sugar level Record Sugar Historical Sugar level graph Sugar graph Mood detected toast Mood detected
App’s Drawer Navigation drawer App can be navigated via voice controls Voice Control Registration page (supports autofill) SignUp

Thank You!